Roda versus Rails

Few days back, I heard about Roda which could suppose to be a replacement of Rails. Roda is a routing tree web toolkit, designed for building fast and maintainable web applications in ruby. The creator of Roda is Jeremy Evans. Rails is dead we hear it every years and it is more widespread after twitter's jump from Rails to Scala.

According to Jeremy Evans, Roda provides Simplicity, Reliability, Extensibility and Performance. Roda has low per-request overhead, and the use of a routing tree and intelligent caching of internal datastructures makes it significantly faster than popular ruby web frameworks. But as per my opinion, Rails is good and getting more mature, stable and popularity every year. Here I will compare these two over some points.


I am assuming that you have some basic knowledge of Roda and have built at least one app in Roda. Otherwise, please have a look at


Rails Roda
Rails is a stable framework which is very old and already having a large community support. Also it supports lot of different rubygems. Most of rubygems are independent ruby libraries. Therefore all rubygems which are not tightly tied with Rails and activerecord can be used with Roda too. Additionally, Roda has its own compatible rubygems e.g. roda-i18n, newrelic-roda, roda-basic-auth, roda-rest_api, rodauth etc. But still these are not having proper documentation.
devise is a rubygem which we use for our authentication purpose. It provides not only the authentication, but it also provides lot of flexibility while integration. It also opens the scope of integration of authentication of different social networking e.g. facebook, twitter, google etc. Roda also comes with roda-auth which provides simple authentication. It contains omniauth, but not maintaining any documentation to implement in Roda app.
The size of core contributors (with at least 3 commits) is more than 100. The size of core contributors (with at least 3 commits) is significantly lesser.
It is good for mid level as well as bigger application. As compared over with Sinatra, Roda is good for small applications.
People are having more interest to search about Rails. Interest over Roda is significantly less.

Interest over time of Roda and Ruby on Rails


I think every rails programmer should try Roda once. It will provide you a better understanding and knowledge about different rubygems. You can get the opportunity to dig deeper into ruby libraries and their usage too.

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