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Is ActiveSupport::Concern really Another Concern?

In Ruby world, Rails is a well known web-framework and ActiveSupport is an integrated component. ActiveSupport is a ruby gem which comes with rails by default. But, we can also use this library or gem separately. ActiveSupport is very easy to understand upto the extend that if you are planning to read the source code of rails, then start with ActiveSupport. So, today I am going to throw some light on ActiveSupport::Concern which is also one of the component of ActiveSupport. Is ActiveSupport::Concern really Another Concern?

This post is for those who are new to ActiveSupport. Who constantly do utility work like encoding, or decoding JSON, generating random number, number to currency conversion etc. But never got the chance to find out the reason behind this. Have you ever looked into the source code of any rubygem where you found the statement like extend ActiveSupport::Concern. If yes, are you familiar with this statement? Why do we use this? Trust me ActiveSupport::Concern is not a concern, but to make your life easy.

ActiveSupport::Concern is useful in mixin or modules. It is more useful whenever you are building your own rubygem.

Without ActiveSupport::Concern


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