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How To Wire up Ruby on Rails and Ampersand.js As a Single Page Application

Ampersand.js is a latest web framework like any other javascript framework e.g. Angularjs. By definition,

Ampersand.js - A highly modular, loosely coupled, non-frameworky framework for building advanced JavaScript apps.

This definition is correct. Ampersandjs is really a non-frameworky framework. Now question comes, Why Ampersand.js?. Because we love Backbone.js, and Ampersand.js is written on the top of Backbone.js. For more details, please refer

In this article, I am explaining you to build a simple single page application (not simple as much as any hello world or todo app :)) using rails and ampersand.js. The application will be wired-up with a Rails application and will fetch all its data from rails generated APIs. In fact, behind the scene, Rails application is providing the APIs directly from the file app/assets/javascripts/ampersandtest/data.json. You can also fetch the data from any other application too using your web-service call. The source code is residing on my github repository Source Code and demo is available on Demo. Let's start from scratch.

Basic Installation


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