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Smart Deployment using Hubot

Smart Deployment using Hubot

Github is an invariably well-known name in the world of open source. Githut consistently provides a propitious and favorable platforms for any betterment, reform or innovation in the technology which could also discern as an your open source contribution. Hubot is also one of such examples which posses the sovereign potential to metamorphose the process of deployment of rails apps. I came across the term hubot last year and I also heard that numerous enter-prize level organizations benefiting their processes by hubot. My curiosity enabled me up-to the extent that now I am writing a blog :).

Hubot describes its work as an amazing campfire bot who plays the vital role of an user, deployed on heroku, and will add into your campfire chat room as a normal user through heroku URL. However, the heroku app will be revealing as an error page which could cause a confusion in your mind about credibility of the chat bot.

First of all, deploy a dummy app on heroku which could be initiated using this command.

gem install heroku

I am assuming here that you are familiar some what with heroku and have created your profile and deployed some app on heroku. If not, please refer or Then setup the heroku app:

heroku create --stack 
git push heroku master 
heroku ps:scale web=1

Now, you will need to setup your HEROKU_URL variable.

heroku config:add HEROKU_URL=

Work in Progress ...


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